Billiards Cues


You have the billiards table... now what?

Leisure Times believes that to make that sure shot time after time (along with a lot of practice), you need a little cue support. You can find the finest quality billiard cues right here in a wide variety of model and price ranges.

When it matters, choose a McDermott or Viking cue. Both are designed to deliver and Leisure Times is proud to carry them in our billiards arsenal.

Viking Cues

Viking Cue is one of the oldest manufacturers of two-piece pool cues in America. Viking blends time-honored crafsmanship with state of the art machinery to produce a flawless cue that lives up to its reputation. With our continued commitment to the highest quality standards in the industry, you can be assured, that when it's time to upgrade or get service on your current cue, Viking will be there for you.

Viking Cues are proudly and exclusively made in the U.S.A.