Dartboards & Lights


Leisure Times brings you the best in the industry with our selection of dartboards. We keep the demands of the players in mind to offer dartboards that are the industry standard.

We know the difference lighting can make in a room. And your pool table room is even more special.

We carry a large selection of pool table and island lights to ensure you'll find the ideal lighting for your home.

Arachnid Dartboards

CricketPro 800

  • 8 Player score display
  • 4 Player score display shown simultaneously
  • Includes 7 cricket games
  • Optional 3 level Heckler® Dart averaging for '01 games
  • Tournament spider in trademarked tournament colors
  • Regulation 15.5" target area and selectable bulls-eye
  • Bounce-out amend feature
  • Micro-thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs
  • NylonToughTM segments improve playability and durability
  • Single in / out & double in / out features
  • Solo play feature
  • Player handicap feature
  • Sleep mode and reset feature
  • One year warranty against defects

RAM Gameroom Products

Ram Gameroom Products is one of the largest suppliers of high quality game room decor. In addition to dartboards, they have a wide selection of contemporary and traditional billiards table lights.

Choose from:

  • stained glass
  • metal shades
  • glass shades
  • and many others

Toltec Lighting

Since the 1970's, Toltec Lighting has been a family owned and operated company, dedicated to creating quality and competitively priced lighting fixtures.

While quality and value continue to be the hallmarks that TOLTEC is famous for, they take pride in having taken the lead in the field of design. They are continually introducing new concepts and ideas while maintaining a close eye on tradition. At TOLTEC, they bridge all possible worlds.

In addition, our designs feature some of the most exquisite finishes and spectacular glass selections in the lighting industry. Thus, our very special commitment only adds to the charm, beauty and value of each and every TOLTEC fixture.