Spa Accessories


Add to your spa experience with accessories for your spa. Make it easier to lift the cover or choose a scent for your spa. All to help those muscles relax and to relieve your stress.

Sundance Spas

The best hot tub accessories are ones that go with your spa perfectly. You can get steps, bars, stools, and planters that match the cabinetry on your Sundance hot tub. Our spa accessory line also includes specially sized steps and surrounds for large or round spas. Your Sundance dealer can help you find the hot tub accessory you're looking for. SunScents aromatherapy beads are another popular spa accessory. Of course, Sundance offers a full line of cleaners, ozone systems and filters, as well as hot tub cover lifters and accessories - everything to make your spa life easy and fun.


Leisure Concepts

Today, our company is the leading producer of after market products in the spa industry. Nobody gives your customers more ways to enhance their spa experience than Leisure Concepts. Even more gratifying is the fact that our products are still manufactured right here in our state-of-the-art Spokane, Washington facility. This allows not only the strictest quality assurance, but also the most responsive inventory controls and order fulfillment possible. We remain fully committed to providing you with the highest quality products delivered on time, every time.