Pool Pumps / Filters / Parts


Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters galore can be found at Leisure Times. Swimming Pool Pumps are the heart of any swimming pools operating system. Without the properly sized pump, your swimming pool can be as still as a pond or as turbulent as a swift river. The proper swimming pool pump will slowly, but surely, rotate the water around the pool, allowing the surface debris to float past and be drawn into the skimmer.

Let's not forget the Filters either. Filters carried by Leisure Times are engineered to help keep pools clean and crystal clear, with minimum maintenance. They're built tough to stand up to pool chemicals, corrosion, and the elements.

Leisure Times also carries a wide array of replacement parts for your pump and filtering system. Come in and visit our showroom today.


Hayward is recognized as the leading pump manufacturer in the pool industry. Leisure Times Pools & Spas is pleased to offer its customers the Hayward line of high performance pumps. Hayward leads the industry in energy efficiency for lower operating costs, innovation, and durability. Common to all Hayward models are a durable, corrosion-free construction, energy efficient, full-flow hydraulics producing superior water flow, heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, efficient, operation, and easy-to-service designs for simple access to all internal components.

The importance of proper swimming pool or spa filtration cannot be overstated. The reasons for filtration are obvious - clear water not only looks beautiful, but it is also necessary for health and safety reasons. Much of the material suspended in the water, derived from plant and animal sources provides food for bacteria and algae. It is these materials that must be removed if a pool or spa is to be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.



AquaView's superior sand system combines better filtration with easier to use operation. Clean water begins at the filter and AquaView's superior sand system combines better filtration with an easier to use operation. Utilizing advanced water processing technologies, AquaView filters not only outperform the competition but are also friendlier to the environment.